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If you're passionate about surfing, or if you'd like to learn a sport that will quickly become your passion, Les Maritimes is there for you. Our prime spot, just a few minutes from the famous Landes beaches, provides easy access to the best waves on the Atlantic. Our local partner offers you all the equipment you need and lessons suitable for all levels, led by experienced instructors. Be carried away by the call of the ocean!

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The team at Les Maritimes is dedicated to its passion for surfing. You must meet our local partner who will be happy to help you, whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer. Just a few minutes from the legendary Landes beaches, Les Maritimes is the ideal place to ride the best waves on the Atlantic. That's where the ocean will meet you, and we're here to show you the way.

During your stay, a visit to our Enjoy - Ecole de Surf is a must, where experienced surfers are available for lessons suitable for all levels. From the novice who wants to learn how to stand up on their board to the pro who wants to perfect their style, we've got everything you need to help you progress. And if you don't have your own board yet, don't worry! The team can rent you a surfboard on site, so all you have to do is follow the irresistible call of the ocean.

So, are you ready for the ultimate Les Maritimes surfing experience?

Contact our on-site Enjoy - Ecole de Surf to book your sessions or surfboard rental in advance.


Our favourite surfing spots

Seignosse is a fantastic place for surfing, offering several well-known spots along its beaches. Here are some of the best places to surf in Seignosse:

  1. Les Casernes: This spot is located north of Seignosse, famous for its world-class waves. It is ideal for experienced surfers looking for powerful waves.

  2. Le Penon: Le Penon is a very popular spot in Seignosse. The waves here are generally medium to large, making it suitable for surfers of all abilities, from beginners to intermediates.
  3. Bourdaines: This spot is located south of Seignosse and offers fast, powerful waves. It is ideal for advanced surfers looking for more demanding waves.
  4. Les Estagnots: Another spot suited to surfers of different levels, from beginners to intermediates. The waves here are generally gentler than in other places, making it an excellent choice for learning to surf.
  5. L'Agréou: This spot is located near Le Penon and is also suitable for surfers of different levels. It can offer medium-sized waves, ideal for intermediate surfers.

Whatever your level of surfing, you'll find a spot to suit your needs in Seignosse. These spots offer waves for all tastes, whether you're a beginner looking for gentler conditions in which to learn or an experienced surfer looking for bigger challenges. Be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecasts, respect the rules of safety at sea and comply with local regulations for a safe and enjoyable surfing experience in Seignosse.

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Our accommodation is located just a few minutes' cycle ride from the best surfing spots, for families who want to spend time away from the hustle and bustle and crowds. Reconnect with yourself, with calm and with nature.

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