The natural heritage of the Landes forest

We're proud to be able to offer you an experience that combines sport, relaxation and nature exploration. Whether you come to surf the Landes waves, recharge your batteries in the heart of nature or explore the natural heritage of the Landes forest, our open-air hotel Les Maritimes is the ideal place to spend a family summer in Seignosse, in the heart of the Landes.

Forêt Les Maritimes

Pines as far as the eye can see

An ideal place to spend a summer with the family

Les Landes is famous for its magnificent pine forest, which stretches as far as the eye can see. During your stay in Les Maritimes, explore this natural treasure by going on our guided nature walks through the Landes forest. Discover the local fauna and flora, learn more about the region's history and enjoy the tranquil beauty of this unique ecosystem. You can also rent our bikes for rides along the forest cycle paths or picnics in the heart of nature.

Les Maritimes
  • Cycle Paths: Seignosse has many well-maintained cycle paths winding through the town and countryside. You can easily reach the beaches, forests and places of interest while enjoying a pleasant, safe journey. Leave Seignosse and follow the cycle path along the Atlantic coast. Enjoy superb ocean views and stop off to relax on the sandy beaches.
  • La Vélodyssée: Seignosse is part of the La Vélodyssée route, a cycle path that runs along France's Atlantic coast. You can reach other coastal towns and explore the region at your own pace.
  • Exploring the Landes Forest: The Landes pine forests offer an ideal setting for exploration. Pass through the woods, discover the local fauna and flora and soak up the peaceful atmosphere of this region. Exploring the surrounding ponds and marshes is an excellent opportunity for birdwatching and discovering the local biodiversity.
  • Gourmet Circuit: Explore the region by stopping at local cafés to sample culinary specialities, such as fresh seafood, local pastries, and traditional dishes.

Don't forget to check the condition of your tyres, take water with you and wear safety equipment during your rides in the forest. Seignosse offers a variety of landscapes to explore, whether you're looking for tranquillity in the forests or excitement along the Atlantic coast. Enjoy the freedom to discover this beautiful region at your own pace.

So, are you ready to experience the natural beauty of Les Landes at Les Maritimes? Contact Enjoy - Location de vélo our on-site base camp, to book your bikes in advance.

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